Host an Event

Companies and individuals can custom design their own event to meet their specific goals for team building, drivers education, hospitality and fun! To reserve your spot, please contact Taylor Howard at 270-777-4554 or email


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Group Activities

Mirrorkhana – Two identical coned off courses (hence the mirror) that participants line up in 2017 Camaros and race through, head to head. The fastest back to the start box wins! Speeds would be limited to about 50mph, and makes for an incredible amount of fun. We crown and overall winner for years of bragging rights. $75 per person

Vehicle Dynamics Training – In this program we teach participants the ins and outs of basic vehicle dynamics. Understeer, oversteer, how to handle a hydroplane, and basic car control exercises. This can be done in customer provided cars, or for an additional cost we can rent vehicles. $150 per person

Hot Laps – We bring out a few of our Corvettes, and give the participants the ride of their lives on the race track! Passengers would get to experience speeds in excess of 130mph, and a true at-speed track experience. $100 for 2 laps per person

Drunk Driving/Blind Driving – We can also do an event with golf carts, which incorporate awareness and team building. The drunk driving portion lets us use special goggles to simulate the affects of alcohol while trying to drive through a coned off course. Our blind driving activity is a two person exercise aimed at improving communication. The driver is blind folded while the passenger (“nag”ivator) has to talk them through the coned course. Very similar to a traditional minefield exercise. $45 per person


Group Karting

Enduro Race
18-48 People
Teams of 3 to 4 drivers.
Includes 20 minute practice, 60 minute endurance race.
$40 Per Person / Minimum $1,000

Karting Party
10-24 People
12 racing at one time.
Includes 8 minute practice, 8 minute qualifier, 8 minute race.
$50 Per Person

Full Kart Track Rental
Unlimited people.
60-70 people racing per hour on average.
$1,200 per hour

Check our Kartplex calendar to see if your date is available!


All Cars, Motorcycles and Automotive Clubs are Welcome

All makes of cars (with some restrictions), car clubs and related events are welcome to use the Motorsports Park.  Whether your car is completely stock or highly modified, as long as track and event rules are followed, you are eligible to start your driving adventure.  The safety of everyone is the top priority.


Manufacturers Test Facility

The NCM Motorsports Park has been designed as the official home track for the GM Sponsored Corvette Racing/Pratt & Miller Team.  With the Corvette Assembly Plant directly across I-65, the NCM MSP will be an ideal location for the Plant engineers to perform advanced vehicle testing.


Resource for Engineering, Math and Science Disciplines

The NCM will partner with educational institutions to provide enhancements for those students to be able to conduct the “real world” application of math, science and engineering principles.  Current partners include Western Kentucky University (WKU) Ogden College of Engineering and the Gatton Academy of Math & Science.


Emergency Vehicles Drivers Training

The Motorsports Park will be available to State, City and County police, fire and emergency personnel for their specialized training.