Corporate and Group Events

Companies and individuals can custom design their own event to meet their specific goals for team building, drivers education, hospitality and fun! To reserve your spot, please contact Taylor Howard at 270-777-4554 or email

Professional Development

Improve and increase the capabilities of your staff through access to education and training opportunities at the NCM Motorsports Park. Our programs can help build and maintain morale, and can help attract a higher quality staff to your organization.

Team Building

Your group will partake in your choice of activities to help enhance their social relations. The programs can help to address interpersonal issues, and over time will help improve the performance of your group in this team-based environment. Our team-building can be aligned around your goals, help build effective working relationships, reduce team members’ role ambiguity and find solutions to team problems. Team development can have the strongest effect for improving organization performance.

Safe Drivers’ Training and Emergency Vehicles’ Drivers’ Training

The Motorsports Park is available to State, City and County police, fire and emergency personnel for their specialized training, as well as programs for companies where employees drive for their job.

Sales Incentives & Client Appreciation

Host a fun event to promote and encourage your team to increase their sales. Incentive programs can help motivate your employees, as well as attract and retain customers. Sales incentive days can improve overall employee performance, reduce turnover, boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness, increase retention and drive daily employee performance. For your customers, programs can increase your customer retention rate and increase you profits. Existing customers cost less to reach, less to sell and are less vulnerable to losing to the competition.

Group Activities

Backseat Driving – Our backseat activity is a two person exercise aimed at improving communication. The driver is blind folded while the passenger (“nag”ivator) has to talk them through the coned course. Very similar to a traditional minefield exercise.

Mirrorkhana – Two identical coned off courses (hence the mirror) that participants line up in Turbo Camaros and race through, head to head. The fastest back to the start box wins! Speeds would be limited to about 50mph, and makes for an incredible amount of fun. We crown and overall winner for years of bragging rights.

Hot Laps – We bring out a few of our Corvettes, and give the participants the ride of their lives on the race track! Passengers would get to experience speeds in excess of 130mph, and a true at-speed track experience.

C7 Touring Laps – Ever dreamed of driving America’s sports car? Now you can on our racetrack! Your participants will drive 2017 Stingray Corvettes in a lead follow/format.

Corvette Experience – Take the C7 Touring Laps up a notch and opt for our Corvette Experience. Your participants will receive three 20-minute on track sessions driving one of our C7 Stingray Corvettes and three instructional classroom sessions covering the basics of high performance driving. Lunch and a VIP tour of the National Corvette Museum included.

Group Karting

Check our Kartplex calendar to see if your date is available!

Group Karting – Race head to head against coworkers and friends on our new high speed go-karts. Improving your time lap by lap, battling it out turn by turn until only one go-kart breaks free from the pack to cross the checkered flag first! Individual and team races available.