Hot Laps

Visitors can schedule a session of hot laps at the track, based on availability and weather conditions. Calling and checking availability/Pre-Booking with Justin Carnes at 270-777-4509 or is very highly recommended.

Hot Laps

Guest are a passenger in one of the track’s Z06 Corvettes driven by one of our track professionals for 2 laps on the Grand Full configuration at racing speeds. Age minimum for hot laps is 15. Height minimum is 4’6”. We provide a helmet for all participants and require that long pants and close-toed shoes are worn during hot laps. The NCM Motorsports Park requests a firm headcount for hot laps participants and must be reserved in advance. These are available from 11am-2pm on weekdays when the track is not in use.
Cost: $125 tax included

Gift certificates and gift cards are available for laps. Gift certificates / gift cards may not be redeemable during certain events, please call ahead.

Hot laps are scheduled based upon track availability, Monday – Friday. The NCM Motorsports Park reserves the right to reschedule and/or cancel touring laps and hot laps due to weather conditions and other possible extenuating circumstances. To inquire about availability contact Justin Carnes at (270) 777-4509.

All times are scheduled in CENTRAL TIME NO REFUNDS will be issued once the laps are completed.

Directions from the National Corvette Museum to the NCM Motorsports Park:
Take a right out of any parking lot at the National Corvette Museum and follow Corvette Drive until you reach a stop sign. You will be at the intersection of Corvette Drive and Porter Pike Road. Take a left at the stop sign and drive under the I-65 underpass; in 100 yards you will take a left into the entrance of the Motorsports Park. Follow the entry road past the fence gate and you will see a security guard shack. Check in with security or report to the track office.