High Performance Driver Education – HPDE

If you want to learn, practice and apply advanced car-control skills, then the NCM’s High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) school is designed for you. This intense program is led by highly-trained classroom and certified in-car instructors and teaches vehicle dynamics, car control, cornering, braking and driving fundamentals in the classroom and on the track.

Please note: Convertibles MUST HAVE SCCA legal rollover protection to participate in HPDEs (not required for touring option). Before registering any convertible, please submit an email to matt@motorsportspark.org.

Jalopnik has an informative article that really breaks down what a track day entails. You can read it online here.

Learn from the Pros

Whether you’re a serious automobile enthusiast or a first-time driver, this planned state of the art, multi-function driving facility will have a program to fit your needs.  In a very short time, you will find yourself driving better, smoother, faster and safer than you ever thought possible.

NCM Hosted HPDEs

The National Corvette Museum has been hosting high performance driving events around the country since 2004 including Virginia International Raceway, Sebring, Autobahn and Thunderhill.

Our HPDE events have three student run groups: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. There is also an instructor group. Classroom sessions take place for HPDE.

Fee: $499 per Instructed participant / $450 per Solo participant

NCM Bash HPDE | April 20-21, 2020

NCM HPDE @ VIR | June 22-23, 2020

NCM Anniversary HPDE | August 29-30, 2020

Guest Rides and Event Activities

The Motorsports Park will be in use during many National Corvette Museum events, offering opportunities for event attendees to have sessions on the track. Additionally, guest rides in special vehicles and with experienced drivers will also be available.

On-Track Coverage

The NCM Insurance Agency now offers On Track Physical Damage Coverage for the vehicles that you wish to use on most tracks across the country. This insurance policy provides physical damage coverage for your automobile while you are participating in a High-Performance Driver’s Education event. This physical damage coverage will begin when you enter the grounds of a race course and end when you leave the race course premises. Liability coverage is not included in this policy.

We offer a la carte, single-event policies that protect your vehicle while you are participating in an HPDE event – a great solution if you participate in five events or less per year. For enthusiasts more active in the hobby, we offer annual HPDE insurance policy options that provide coverage at a discounted rate for multiple events in a policy year. Four different options allow you to choose a package that matches your level of activity in HPDE events.

This program is available exclusively at: http://www.ncminsurance.com/hpde.